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Fundraising and Marketing Services

In addition to speaking and writing in the area of governance, Dr. Mott’s focus includes assisting schools and nonprofit organizations (museums, historic houses, libraries, churches, and many other types of nonprofits) by providing services in which he can make a difference relying on his over 25 years of experience as a school and nonprofit leader.  Below you can review the fundraising and marketing services he provides.  See for yourself what his experience and expertise can do to bring meaningful change to your organization.



Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is a critically important step in preparing to conduct a campaign. This study seeks factual information about timing, financial support, leadership, image, obstacles, and other relevant factors. What the study reveals will determine the success of the campaign. This information is gained from those who are in the best position to influence the success of the campaign. Dr. Mott’s approach is based on years of conducting successful feasibility studies that have resulted in successful campaigns.

Capital Campaign

Organizations undertaking a capital campaign face both opportunities and challenges as they seek to advance their mission through a campaign.  Although referred to as capital campaigns, such campaigns may in fact be comprehensive (including capital, annual, endowment, etc.) or for specific building or programmatic initiatives.  Organizations should plan for campaigns ��� ensuring that the decision to move forward is determined by a strategic direction and decision to proceed.  Dr. Mott has conducted many highly successful campaigns – reaching and exceeding their goals.

Endowment and Planned Giving

Building an endowment is a process that involves commitment and recognition that it takes time and perseverance.  It should be considered as an ongoing process and the income generated from an endowment fund may be a long time coming.  Many endowed funds are created through planned gifts and the two are often connected.  A systematic approach is warranted.  Dr. Mott has developed a proven strategy to help your organization succeed in creating and building the endowment and in creating and building your planned giving program.

Major Gifts

One of the key components to any successful fundraising program is the existence of a major gifts program.  Such a program recognizes the incredibly important impact major gifts can have on an organization.  While each organization may define what they consider a major gift, all organizations should recognize that reaching out to your most generous donors and prospects will have a dramatic impact.  What strategies do you have in place to put such a program in place?  Dr. Mott’s track record in identifying, cultivating, engaging, soliciting, and stewarding major donors and prospects will result in significant support for your organization.

Annual Gift Program

The importance of having a viable annual fund program cannot be over stated.  These sustaining or recurring funds are vital to the organization and often serve as the very best source for future major gifts.  Successful annual fund programs require significant strategy and logistics to ensure your organization is maximizing its potential.  Dr. Mott has developed numerous annual fund programs that have resulted in record giving to the organization.  In fact his success is such that some organizations have seen incredible results – over 100% increases!  Even in a very challenging economy his methods have resulted in substantial increases from what the organization experienced before.  His proven, demonstrated results have helped transform organizations.

Special Project Gifts

Almost every organization has the experience of wanting to take full advantage of the generosity of donors to enhance a special need the organization has.  Such projects will enhance a particular aspect of the organization but may not be viewed as a priority. Rather, they are in response to a donor(s) who desires to give and who otherwise would not have an interest in other fundraising initiatives.  Such projects should be carefully considered whether initiated by the organization or the donor.  Dr. Mott has been most successful in guiding organizations through the process of determining how best to navigate these unchartered waters.


Successful marketing requires a strategic commitment to ensure that the organization tells its story in meaningful, compelling ways so that constituencies understand the organization’s mission and vision.  Practical strategies should be employed to tell your story and Dr. Mott is prepared to work with your organization on all aspects of marketing including branding – providing visual and emotional cues that effectively communicate your message.  Winning the hearts and minds of those your organization seeks to influence is critical to achieving long-term objectives.  Dr. Mott successfully re-branded the two schools he headed resulting record enrollment, giving, increased morale, and a stronger sense of community than before.

Enrollment Management for Independent Schools

Dr. Mott has served as head (president) of two excellent independent schools and worked with numerous others as a consultant.  He knows the importance of the enrollment management process to an independent school.  He knows the critical magnitude of conveying value and how that impacts the effectiveness of a school.  Leadership, market position, tuition, program, faculty, facilities, and sense of community all help determine enrollment.  His efforts led to record enrollment at both schools where he served as president.  His strategies will help your school as well.  Working with your school he can develop:

  • Strategies to increase retention
  • Strategies to enhance the re-enrollment process
  • Strategies to attract new students
  • Work with faculty and staff to demonstrate their responsibilities

Contact Dr. Mott at Bill@WilliamRMottPhD.com or 615-881-9922, or contact Barbara Johnston at Barbara@WilliamRMottPhD.com or 615-830-7299.