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The Strategic Role of Governance

Consulting and Presentations

At the heart of Dr. Mott’s work is his passion to personally consult and help schools and nonprofit organizations in achieving success. The relationship between the CEO and the Governing Board is the single largest contributor to the success of any school or nonprofit organization. Their combined leadership will be the determining factor in the realization of the mission and vision of the organization. His new book, The Board Game¸ was born from this passion.

Using The Board Game as the catalyst to meaningful conversations with organizational leadership, Dr. Mott will host a retreat to include the CEO (including key senior staff) and the governing board. While the retreat may have multiple objectives, the main objective is to strengthen the relationship between these two.

This retreat will:

  • Identify and resolve key issues that can significantly enhance your organization substantially.
  • Create a roadmap for the leadership and board to work effectively and productively.
  • Review, even revise Bylaws and other documents, to reflect the organization’s mission and vision.
  • Utilize interactive exercises to address areas of concern, and focus on areas of strength.
  • Provide action steps to ensure that the leadership recognizes Warning Signs and how to address each one.
  • Establish the seven characteristics that result successful partnerships.
  • Encourage implementation of the six principles contained in the Governance Promise.

In addition to the Board Retreat, Dr. Mott also:

  • Trains new Board members through a “Board Orientation” session or seminar.
  • Offers individual coaching for School Heads, CEOs, governing board chairs, and other board members.
  • Customizes his services to fit any organization or situation with presentations, workshops, seminars; with wide array of topics and available times.

Contact Dr. Mott at Bill@WilliamRMottPhD.com or 615-881-9922, or contact Barbara Johnston at Barbara@WilliamRMottPhD.com or 615-830-7299.