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Interim Leadership

The Critical Role of Serving as the Interim and the Leadership Search Process

Many schools and nonprofit organizations believe in the value of having an interim leader serve the organization in times of transition. For a variety of circumstances schools and other organizations know they will be best served by having this “temporary link” between past and future leadership.

Timing is a critical factor for organizations addressing a leadership shift. Many organizations understand that there are certain times of the year to conduct leadership searches and there are times when a more modified search for an interim is the most pragmatic course. Schools and nonprofit organizations base these decisions on the perception and reality of the available pool of applicants for the leadership role desired.

When, for example, a Head of School is stepping down at the end of the fiscal year (typically the end of June) the school must think strategically of how best and most appropriate to search for the next head. Certainly other unique circumstances and timing may require the school or nonprofit to seek an interim. Employing an interim that can also serve as the Search Consultant and not a candidate for the position is a very attractive way to move forward.

Because of Dr. Mott’s many years of leadership experience in schools (President of two independent schools and a small college, Director of Development at a national university) and nonprofit organizations (Executive Director of an historic house museum and consultant to numerous organizations) he is prepared to serve your organization in an interim capacity.

Dr. Mott is excited to be offering this new level of service to schools and nonprofit organizations that by necessity find themselves in the position of needing interim leadership. And by uniting this with his strength and experience in conducting leadership searches, make for a formidable combination.

Author and speaker, John Maxwell says, “Relational skills are the most important abilities in leadership.” This is at the heart of Dr. Mott’s passion and strength!