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A fundamental component of my work is traveling to schools and conference events (associations and other independent school organizations) to share with them ways in which they can improve. I am pleased to share with you some of the schools and school associations I have had the honor to work with. Every school and school association that I engage is an opportunity to help school boards and heads of schools realize their potential by adopting a best practices approach to independent and faith-based school governance. Recognizing the value and importance of working together for what is best for the school is at the core of what I teach and how I conduct every board retreat and governance workshop.

Vanderbilt University – Peabody College

July 2022
Nashville, TN

Had a great time teaching these exceptional students in Vanderbilt’s masters program for independent school leaders this week. Thanks to Program Director Dr. Carrie Grimes for the opportunity to give back to Peabody College which has meant so much to Courtney and me! And congrats to these students who will complete the program soon.

Association of Classical Christian Schools Conference

June 2022
Dallas, TX

I was honored to be a featured speaker at the annual Association of Classical Christian Schools Conference in Dallas, TX. I spoke on governance and leadership issues as well as strategic planning. A large audience, but great participation. Later served on a video panel with these talented school leaders, David Seibel and Travis Koch. Thank you to ACCS’s Tom Spencer and David Goodwin for the opportunity to participate!

Carol Morgan School

December 2021
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Recently I had the opportunity to conduct a retreat for the board of the amazing Carol Morgan School (CMS) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Although located in the Dominican Republic, CMS is very much an international school. A very special thank you to Lily Ros, the board administrative assistant, and Anabella de Castro, board president. The board of this wonderful school is seeking Governance Solutions to be a best-practices board. It was an honor to work with this special group of leaders.

Caldwell Academy

September 2021
Greensboro, North Carolina

It was a pleasure to be the presenter/facilitator at a recent governance workshop for Caldwell Academy in Greensboro, NC. Special thanks to the Board of Directors, chair, Michael Lapeirre, head of school, Tim Holland, M. Ed., and each of the board members. It was a great day for learning about best practices and understanding roles and responsibilities. Caldwell is blessed to have this group of people leading the school.

Georgia Independent School Association

July 2021
St. Simons Island, GA

It was an honor to participate in the Georgia Independent School Association’s (GISA) Annual Head’s Retreat Conference. My presentations focused primarily on material from my book, Healthy Boards, Successful Schools. Always a special privilege to work with Dr. Jeff Jackson, GISA president, and Dr. Stan Whitlock, Vice President. A great organization doing amazing work on behalf of independent schools across the state.

Society for Classical Learning Annual Conference

June 2021
Charleston, SC

I was very fortunate to have been invited by the Society for Classical Learning to speak at their Annual Conference held in Charleston, SC. I presented at a day-long pre-conference event on various topics related to governance best practices for faith-based schools. A special thank you to SCL president, Eric Cook, to share with heads and board members on what it takes to be a healthy board and a successful school.

Jackson Christian School

March 2021
Jackson, Tennessee

Another amazing retreat with the Jackson Christian School Board of Trustees. Recently I had a special opportunity to facilitate my second retreat with the Jackson Christian board – the first being in 2019. This second retreat was a thorough discussion of issues, challenges, and best practices as the school is poised for greater days ahead. Enjoyed working with JCS president, Dr. Mark Benton, board chair, Dr. Brian Pearson, and a very engaged board.

Society for Classical Learning – Winter Symposium

February 2021
Atlanta, GA

This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking in Atlanta with a group school heads and board members as part of the Society for Classical Learning’s Winter Symposium. Both an in-person and virtual conference, it was a great discussion of best practices, roles and responsibilities, and the critical relationship that must exist between the head and board for the school to thrive. Many thanks to Eric Cook, Executive Director of SCL and Head of School at Covenant Classical School of Fort Worth for his leadership of this organization and for his invitation to speak.

Trinity Presbyterian

September 2020
Montgomery, AL

I was honored to recently facilitate a retreat for the board of trustees from Trinity Presbyterian School in Montgomery, Alabama. It was great to work with my friend and new Trinity head, Bill Shelnutt. A special thank you to board chair Pat Williams and all trustees for being engaged in some meaningful discussion throughout the retreat.

Brandon Hall

August 2020
Atlanta, GA

Enjoyed conducting a retreat with the board and leadership team at Brandon Hall School in Atlanta. Special thanks to head of school, Dean Fusto who’s vision is casting a bright future for this school. A great school making an investment to be a best practices board!

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