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A fundamental component of my work is traveling to schools and conference events (associations and other independent school organizations) to share with them ways in which they can improve. I am pleased to share with you some of the schools and school associations I have had the honor to work with. Every school and school association that I engage is an opportunity to help school boards and heads of schools realize their potential by adopting a best practices approach to independent and faith-based school governance. Recognizing the value and importance of working together for what is best for the school is at the core of what I teach and how I conduct every board retreat and governance workshop.

St. Paul Christian Academy

February 2024
Nashville, TN

St. Paul Christian Academy of Nashville, TN, a wonderful school I have had the privilege to work with on several occasions, held a board retreat recently. It was a special pleasure to come along side this school and conduct their retreat. Many thanks to Head of School, Will Norton, and all of the school’s Board of Trust members for a great day of discussion with a deep dive into what it means to be a best practices board. So much to be excited about for this school!


January 2024
Pinehurst, NC

It was an honor to be a presenter at the recent NCAIS Heads, Trustees, CFOs, and CAOs Conference in Pinehurst, NC. There were over a hundred who attended this outstanding conference. A very big thanks to The Budd Group who provided copies of my book, Healthy Boards, Successful Schools to everyone. Special thanks as well for the great leadership at NCAIS, Stephanie Keaney, Executive Director and Meghan Hilleboe, Director of Programs. Congratulations on a successful conference.

The Webb School and Tipton-Rosemark Academy

October 2023

It’s always a privilege to work with independent and faith-based school heads and boards as they navigate what it means to be a best practices board, seeking to be the best version of themselves, ultimately for the benefit of their students. Conducting recent retreats for two such schools says so much about their leadership and what they hope to accomplish. The Webb School and Tipton-Rosemark Academy are two amazing schools doing great work. It was an honor to come alongside them to discuss governance and leadership in challenging times. Special thanks to head of school Ken Cheeseman at The Webb School, and Dr. Andy Graham, head at Tipton-Rosemark Academy. They are what great leadership is all about.

Charlotte Preparatory School

August 2023
Charlotte, NC

There is little more important to an independent school’s board of trustees than the education of new trustees. Shedding light on roles and responsibilities under the banner of best practices is a proven winner for these schools. This special opportunity was provided me in the form of facilitating a board retreat for Charlotte Preparatory School in Charlotte, NC. This exceptional Pre-K – 8 school is blessed with leadership dedicated to being the best by doing their best. Throughout the day it was clear the chair, the head of school, and everyone on the board acknowledged the importance of fostering a shared vision built on a foundation unity, trust, and support. My thanks for the warm hospitality from board chair, Dr. Robert Frost and Head of School Chris Marblo. The future is bright for this school! It was a privilege to have this opportunity.

The Master’s School

July 2023
Simsbury, CT

It is exciting and rewarding to work with volunteer board members, called to faithful service, dedicated to learning and growing to be the best possible version of themselves. The Board of Trustees at The Master’s School, West Simsbury, CT is such a group. My thanks to Dr. Deborah DeBisschop, EdD, head of school, and the small in number but dedicated board members who give their time to make a difference. This is a board all about learning, growing, and discerning regarding the next strategic steps that will help ensure the brightest possible future for this school.

Kirk Day School

June 2023
St. Louis, MO

It’s always exciting to work with a school’s board when they recognize challenges and desire to take the steps necessary to be a best-practices board. The Kirk Day School in St. Louis, MO is facing the future with optimism and conviction. A great
day-long retreat was a special time to genuinely address the “one board, one voice” charge I discuss in my book, Healthy Boards, Successful Schools. This retreat is the continuation of some significant communication that will yield good things to come. Congratulations to the Kirk board for working hard to secure a bright future.

Society for Classical Learning Annual Conference

June 2023
Dallas, TX

I recently had the privilege to lead a pre-conference workshop at the annual conference of the Society for Classical Learning. It was a great opportunity to discuss with board leaders and school heads how understanding roles and responsibilities, the value and strength that comes from unity, and having a shared vision truly represents the best of best practices. My thanks to everyone who attended – and the brave few who stayed for a parting photo! And a special thank you to The Budd Group for providing a copy of my latest book to every attendee.

Nansemond-Suffolk Academy

February 2023
Suffolk, VA

Boards in the midst of transition as one head steps down and another head steps into the role face exciting but uncertain times. It is imperative that these boards recommit themselves to their roles and responsibilities. I recently had the opportunity to conduct a retreat with Nansemond-Suffolk Academy board in Suffolk, Virginia. This group of dedicated trustees, along with outgoing (and outstanding) head of school, Debbie Russell and incoming head Mike Barclay spent time discussing how to best serve the school and their new head. Congratulations to Debbie for all that she has achieved and to Mike for accepting this new, exciting challenge!

TAIS Conference 2022

November 2022
Chattanooga, TN

Another great TAIS Conference in the books. A special opportunity to celebrate the career of two of the best independent school heads I have ever had the honor to know – Scott Wilson of Baylor School and O.J. Morgan from the Bright School. They were recipients of the Sawney Webb Award. Also had the opportunity to connect with former colleagues at PCA and presented a workshop for about 25 heads and trustees. Congratulations to TAIS leaders Sarah Wilson and Kristina Kalb for putting on an amazing conference.

The Webb School

October 2022
Bell Buckle, TN

Recently I had the opportunity to work with the Board of Trustees of The Webb School in Bell Buckle, TN. This historic school has been preparing students for college and life since 1870. It was a special pleasure to reconnect with my friend Ken Cheeseman, head of school, who is truly a gifted school leader. My thanks to Ken, board chair James I. Vance Berry, and the board members who are new or have recently joined the board for a great conversation regarding roles and responsibilities.

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