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When it comes to professional development and continuing education, it is clear that independent and faith-based schools benefit enormously from many of these opportunities. Many independent and faith-based professional associations at the national, regional, state, and even local level offer all manner of workshop and seminar opportunities for trustees. Want Dr. Mott to present a key-note address, workshop, seminar, or webinar? If you want the school leaders and board members in your association to benefit from the recognized authority on governance and leadership in independent and faith-based schools, then you should reach out to Dr. Mott. There is an enormous emphasis placed on these opportunities because of the recognition that governance is so significant to the school and that board development is linked directly to achieving potential.

A critical aspect of seminars, workshops, or webinars is the opportunity for both the board chair and head of school to participate together. There is little that is more valuable than for the chair and the head to hear, discuss, and question the same message concerning the impact of these two leaders on the school’s future.

While more such opportunities would be helpful, the real challenge is for the board chair and members of the board to discover the important impact of these sessions.

We will always have a need for more professional associations to provide more opportunities to discuss board development issues and for there to be more opportunities for heads and board chairs to attend together on issues of mutual interest and benefit to the school.

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