Governance Expertise

School Leadership Expertise

The success of independent and faith-based schools results from an understanding that the relationship between the head of school, board chair, and all trustees is paramount. Often the head and board chair are at odds as to what constitutes best practice. The solution can be found in Dr. Mott’s decades of experience and expertise in working with all types of independent and faith-based schools. The perspective he brings to your school is enormously beneficial in finding solutions to the governance challenges these leaders are facing.

Challenges with these relationships are often a significant distraction and take up valuable time when focus should be directed to mission, vision, strategic planning, and sustainability. Dr. Mott has the unique ability and experience to listen and discern the issues, determine the course of action that will lead to resolution, and demonstrate how to move forward. Equipped with confidence, the head, board chair, and trustees relationship is partnership with one another and continually working to be a best-practices board.