The Mott Approach

Governing boards of independent and faith-based schools have an excellent chance to be best-practices boards if they engage in board education and professional development opportunities. Utilizing the dynamic content contained in Healthy Boards – Successful Schools, Dr. Mott facilitates board retreats which is a highly successful way to engage the board in understanding their roles and responsibilities, building a partnership with the head of school, and dramatically enhancing their overall effectiveness.

In addition to the all-important retreat, Dr. Mott is a frequent workshop leader and seminar speaker at independent school and faith-based school conferences across the country. His engaging and informative presentation often include case stories from his book as well as meaningful chapter content.

Perhaps your head of school and/or board chair would benefit from one-on-one leadership coaching. Dr. Mott connects with your school’s leadership to address specific issues and governance challenges that are adversely impacting the school.

Inquire About Customization

Are you seeking a unique and customized approach to your professional development needs? Let’s think outside the box to create an innovative way to engage Dr. Mott and maximize results