The series of videos is designed to introduce you to Dr. Mott and to his new book, Healthy Boards – Successful Schools. The issues described come directly from his extensive experience as a head of school and trustee at several different independent schools. This unique perspective of being both a head of school and trustee positions him perfectly to speak to a range of topics and questions that address the governance challenges faced by many independent and faith-based schools.

Meet Dr. Mott — Independent & Faith-Based School Leader

Over the course of his 30-year career, Dr. Mott has had the privilege of working closely with the heads of school and board of trustees of many independent and faith-based schools. Dr. Mott shares some of his professional experiences and how he can help you and your school resolve your governance issues.

The Committee on Trustees

The Committee on Trustees takes center stage when it comes to the recruitment, selection, orientation, and education of the board of trustees. In this video message, Dr. Mott takes a look of some of their responsibilities – all of which are examined in his new book, Healthy Boards – Successful Schools.

Understanding Board Culture

One of the most critical factors in determining trustee effectiveness is centered around the understanding of board culture. In this video message from Dr. Mott he describes the idea in such a way that reveals why a healthy board culture results in a successful school.

About the Board Chair

There is no more relationship critical to an independent or faith-based than that between the head of school and the board chair. In this video message, Dr. Mott shares some of the primary responsibilities of the board chair and how this person’s ability to connect and partner with the head of school can have such an impact on the school.

The Importance of the Advisory Board

What is the value and importance of an advisory board for an independent or faith-based school? In this message from Dr. Mott, he shares some of the benefits of creating and sustaining such a group.

Board Relationships

The relationship between the head of school, board chair, and board members can often best be told through stories that reveal circumstances that hit very close to home. Dr. Mott provides how these stories enhance the significance of his new book, Healthy Boards – Successful Schools.

Three Fundamental Responsibilities

When reflecting on the fundamental responsibilities of the school’s board of trustees, there are three that stand above all others. A thorough description and review of these responsibilities may be found in chapter one of his new book, Healthy Boards – Successful Schools. In this video message, Dr. Mott gives a brief overview of these responsibilities and how they impact the school and its future.

Strategic Planning

What is the board’s role in strategic planning? In his book, Healthy Boards – Successful Schools, Dr. Mott describes the importance of such planning. In this video message Dr. Mott describes why he devotes a chapter to this topic and shares how the board works together with school leadership to in developing a process for success. He indicates that there are fourteen steps and talks about the first two of these steps.

Introduction — Uniformity vs. Unity

In the introduction to Healthy Boards – Successful Schools, Dr. Mott explains his reasons for identifying the two concepts of uniformity and unity. He explains why uniformity has issues that lead to problems as contrasted to unity, a concept that more accurately demonstrates the strength of teamwork and why working together can bring about meaningful change.1

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