My new book, Healthy Boards-Successful Schools, releases in December!

My new book, Healthy Boards-Successful Schools, releases in December. My objective in writing this book is to help independent and faith-based schools, heads of schools, and other school leaders lead their schools in achieving more than they ever thought possible through excellent board governance.

Helping independent schools better structure and operate their volunteer board has been my career’s greatest passion. For many years, I have been a head of school and consulted with many other schools in guiding them in the recruitment and training of board members, board chairs, selecting the head of a school, and establishing these critical relationships on a solid footing.

Over and over I’ve seen the amazing outcomes and achievements of teachers and students and how it can be traced back to excellent board governance and the leadership of the head of school. For those of us with careers in private education, we work incredibly hard for successful outcomes year in and year out. But for all the successes we experience, many (too many) schools endure the agony brought about by either leadership that has become embroiled in conflict, the damaged trust between the head and board chair, or board members ill-suited or lacking the skillset to perform up to expectations necessary for success.

I’ve said in previous books, and continue to say, “the stakes are high.” They are! Our nation’s best schools with the highest academic standards are typically private independent and faith-based schools. Parents, and even our society, demand excellence and success in this particular educational arena. A successful school begins with a healthy board and excellent leadership. Be it academic achievement, growth in student enrollment, financial stability, successful capital campaigns, or a school’s reputation; none of it is possible without each facet of a school’s leadership, that I’ve described above, working properly in tandem to achieve success.

Healthy Boards-Successful Schools is certainly born of experience, knowledge and understanding. But it is knit together with a deeply felt passion to see our independent and faith-based schools succeed, thrive, and flourish. I am committed to ensuring educational careers flourish, rather than decline or worse; and student bodies with a fiery passion for academics, societal impact, leadership, arts and athletics. This book is not just to be read.  Healthy Boards-Successful Schools is specifically designed to be a valued resource to assist in decision-making in regularly occurring matters, or those critical moments and challenges that take us by surprise when the stakes are high.

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Bill Mott

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