To Do The Right Job, You Need the Right Tools

There is an expression that I believe applies to the work independent and faith-based school leaders rely on without necessarily being aware of it – To do the right job, you need the right tools. The past few weeks and months have once again altered much of the way we go about our business and do the work we are called to do. We have been jolted into a new reality that has caused us to shift the way that we strategically plan for our school’s future.

Many of our schools have adapted well and this shift has been relatively smooth. Other schools have struggled and not been able to more readily adjust to a changing landscape. Why have some thrived while some have merely survived? The answer is invariably the same: strong, dynamic, purposeful, visionary, and positive leadership.

School leaders are found up and down the hallways of our schools – faculty, staff, and administration understanding that the work that they do is more important than they are. The collective good, led by the head of school, with the unwavering support of the board of trustees, will transport schools through the uncharted waters that we find ourselves in the midst of navigating.

That’s why I started a newsletter, Power Tools for Schools. My objective is to bring to your attention helpful and meaningful ways to address the challenges that you face and provide the solutions and the answers you need to move forward. I believe it will be an invaluable, intentional way to lead with vision, to lead with confidence. Having the right tools, that is, being equipped with the best possible resources and information, will result in the right job – the best possible outcome for your school and its future.

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