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Super Boards

How Inspired Governance Transforms Your Organization



In his follow-up to The Board Game, Dr. Mott sets forth a clear path to help forge organizational excellence for independent schools and nonprofit organizations, and avoid destructive behaviors that stifle and hurt the organization created to serve our communities. Super Boards outlines an action plan for building and transforming an organization through building transformational board leadership and effective governance. Prepare to see conventional wisdom debunked in order to empower strong leadership, and experience success at levels previously unattainable.

  • Learn what major board responsibilities must be clearly understood by each member.
  • Shows that board leadership is a dynamic, ever-changing entity.
  • Understand the critical role the Committee on Trustees plays in the recruiting and evaluation of the board.
  • Create a culture among board members that values collaboration and partnership, rather than dominance.
  • Case studies throughout the book offer the reader an understandable application of each principle.
  • Valuable and practical tools and templates provided with numerous templates to guide you in creating and sustaining a “Super Board.”

“Every nonprofit executive and board member…should apply Bill Mott’s thoughtful views so they can make the best decisions on behalf of the organizations they care so much about.”

– Denise McMahan | Founder, CausePlanet

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