Healthy Boards – Successful Schools

Healthy Boards – Successful Schools

Fitting Words, June 1, 2023

Independent and faith-based schools succeed and thrive in the presence of visionary leadership. In its absence, schools struggle and often fail to achieve their mission. The success story for schools is the strength of the leadership found in the relationship between the head of school, the board chair, and all trustees.

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Independent and faith-based schools succeed and thrive in the presence of visionary leadership. In its absence, schools struggle and often fail to achieve their mission. The success story for schools is the strength of the leadership found in the relationship between the head of school, the board chair, and all trustees. It is through this relationship and partnership where health and success can be found. This book is the essential resource that will inform you in several ways:
  • Demonstrate that a healthy board is the determining factor between thriving and merely surviving.
  • Describe the transformational responsibilities of the committee on trustees in such a way that elevates their mission to recruit, retain, education, and evaluate the board.
  • Introduce concepts that solidify the all-important relationship that board members must have with one another and with the school’s leadership.
  • Think differently about governance and create a culture where serving on the board is a serious but joyful experience.
  • Acknowledge the value of unity, one board—one voice!
This relationship is empowered by creativity and innovation, combined with the knowledge and understanding of fundamental responsibilities and a convocation that best practices will enable you to embrace the bright future which is within your grasp.

Fitting Words
Publication Date
June 1, 2023
Number of Pages
6" (W) x 9" (H)

Bill did an outstanding job leading our board in a governance workshop. Each trustee was given a copy of his book, Healthy Boards - Successful Schools, prior to the workshop, which enabled Bill to establish credibility with the trustees even before he began the workshop. His knowledge of how boards should function for success is invaluable. It was incredibly helpful for our trustees to have a refresher course on their role as trustees and how we can all be successful together.
Debbie Russell, Head of School, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy
Suffolk, VA

Bill Mott understands the critical role that trustees play in independent schools: Healthy and sustainable schools have healthy and sustainable board cultures. He recognizes that board actions today set the path and the tone for the school's future. His experience in working with boards is extensive; and his advice is practical, clear, and very wise. 
R. Kirk Walker, Jr., Ph.D., President Emeritus of SAIS
Atlanta, GA

Because all leadership is reflective, the health of the board is on full display throughout every aspect of the school. Solomon said, “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.” (Proverbs 19:18, The Message) Healthy Boards - Successful Schools is a very practical guide for board members and school leaders to gain a better understanding God’s plan for the school and how to implement it. Dr. Mott’s use of Case Stories is simply masterful! Working through these together will allow the board to become proactive instead of reactive; ready to overcome difficult challenges and embrace strategic opportunities to fulfill God’s purpose for the school.
Stephen G. Reel, Ph.D., Head of School, Mitchell Road Christian Academy, Greenville, South Carolina
Colorado Springs, CO

Bill Mott continues to exhibit a depth of insight when it comes to Independent School governance. Through anecdotes and case stories, he is able to break down the complex nature of Board/Head of School dynamics and provide clarity around what is most important for the healthy functioning of a school. From when I first met Bill as a new Head of School, to subsequent work that he has done with our Board, I can attest to the value of his perspective and the effectiveness with which he is able to communicate it.
David Braemer, Head of School, Kent Denver
Denver, CO

Bill Mott is arguably the leading expert in governance in independent education, as Healthy Boards-Successful Schools so well demonstrates. No relationship in independent schools is more important than that of the Board and head. Dr. Mott offers wise insight to ensure the relationship is strong and generative. This book should be required reading for all new members of Governing Boards and new heads of school. Many current board members and longstanding heads would benefit from reading it, as well.
F. Stuart Gulley, Ph.D., President, Woodward Academy
Atlanta, GA

In my twenty-one years of headship, the importance of healthy, well-functioning, and strategic boards has never been more vital to the overall health of independent schools. Bill Mott has become one of the most respected voices in our profession about this critical facet of school life. Bill's new book, Healthy Boards - Successful Schools, represents the next chapter in his course on how to build and maintain this essential quality of successful schools. Bravo and thank you, Bill, for another "must read.”
Scott Wilson, Headmaster Emeritus, Baylor School
Chattanooga, TN

Writing from a unique perspective, Bill Mott guides School Trustees and School Heads in a complete study of what great governance should look like. I will use this book as I teach aspiring school leaders because this book is an ideal textbook with it’s clear guidance and practical case studies. In addition, for trustees who care deeply about the mission of their school and who desire to see it succeed into the future, this book is a must-read. In his book, Bill Mott shares wisdom and experience, by studying his words and applying the concepts, your service on the independent school board of trustees will be enhanced and guided in the right direction.
Jeff Jackson, M.B.A., Ed.D., President, Georgia Independent School Association (GISA)
Atlanta, GA

To say Bill Mott understands governance is an absurd understatement. He has been a board member, a board chair and a head of school. He has been traveling the country working with school heads and boards for years. His goal is to help independent and faith-based schools be their best. What most impresses me is Bill's incredible ability to combine a "down-home charm" with a hard-headed approach to governance. This book is accessible whilst also laying out concrete directives on how best to govern schools. In an age where governance issues seem to pop up more and more, this book needs to be required reading for school leaders and Board members nationwide. He manages to reframe what can often be tension-filled situations into opportunities for school leadership to partner on providing strategic leadership and setting a school's course into the future.
David Colon, Head of School, Visitation Academy
St. Louis, MO

Healthy Boards – Successful Schools addresses many vital issues that independent schools face in today’s private school culture. Dr. Mott’s vast knowledge gained from working with various independent schools over the course of many years is very insightful regarding the struggle many schools experience. The case studies are well thought out and presented in an interesting and applicable way that is relevant in all independent schools. As the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Providence Christian Academy, I have had the unique opportunity to work with Dr. Mott and see the measurable results of applying his principles. Our school has grown under his leadership to one of the fastest growing independent schools in the country, and I firmly believe that this growth would not have occurred if we were not practicing the principles laid out in this book. An independent school, whether faith-based or college preparatory based, cannot thrive in a healthy atmosphere unless the Head and the Board of Trustees work together in a healthy manner. Healthy Boards – Successful Schools is a must read for all leaders involved in independent schools.
Julie Knox, Past Chair of the Board of Trustees, Providence Christian Academy
Murfreesboro, TN

Bill Mott tackles the subject of board governance and leadership with creative flair. Healthy Boards - Successful Schools infuses the essentials of good governance into very digestible case study examples. With Healthy Boards - Successful Schools, Bill Mott takes a deeper and broader dive into this vital topic for schools than most books on the topic.
Jeff Mitchell, Ph.D., Head of School, Currey Ingram Academy
Brentwood, TN

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