The Board Game

The Board Game

Fitting Words, December 13, 2012

This is the compelling, fictional account of David Andrews – a man unprepared for the complexity of the relationship he has with his Board of Trustees. He discovers he is no match for some of the misguided and mean-spirited individuals he encounters.

With a foreword by nationally recognized independent school leader Jack Stanford, The Board Game is a story of hope and inspiration for CEOs and governing boards. David Andrews is a man caught in a game he does not fully understand. He tries to make the best of a bad situation, but he is no match for some of the misguided and mean-spirited individuals he encounters. David ultimately realizes that connecting with the board and its chairman will bring triumph over chaos. Though a work of fiction, The Board Game is filled with real-life scenarios and practical tools to help you guide your school or nonprofit organization to the next level. Through his rich experience and keen insights, Bill Mott will help you…
  • Discover tools and skills to meet ongoing challenges working with a volunteer board.
  • Develop the single most important relationship needed for organizational success.
  • Identify which board members have the best interest of the organization at heart.
  • Recognize the true leaders on the board who possess the skills to advance the organization.

Fitting Words
Publication Date
December 13, 2012
Number of Pages
5.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches

“An excellent and engaging lesson cloaked in the drama of fiction that hits, sadly, too close to home.”
Patrick F. Bassett, President Emeritus, NAIS—National Association of Independent Schools
Washington, DC

The Board Game is a must read for both the experienced, as well hopeful, head of school, and it ought to be a part of every board of trust orientation.
Ken Cheeseman, Head of School, Webb School
Bell Buckle, TN

The Board Game is no game at all. It is a thoughtful, fully experienced collection of relevant issues and strategies in board governance. Read this book. It just might save your board and your school!
Hugh Harris, Headmaster of Franklin Christian Academy
Franklin, TN

William Mott’s experience, wisdom, and intelligence acts as a beacon through the fog. The Board Game is a must-read for all boards of trustees and heads of school.
Steven Bristol, Director of Admission, Financial Aid, and Enrollment for
 The Hun School of Princeton
Princeton, NJ

The Board Game should be required reading for every school and nonprofit leader today. Through William Mott’s expertise, insight, and creativity, organizations will now have better direction for their boards.
Rick Newberry, Ph.D, President of Enrollment Catalyst
Seminole, FL

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