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The Board Game

The Stakes are Enormous

With a foreword by nationally recognized independent school leader Jack Stanford, The Board Game is a story of hope and inspiration for CEOs and governing boards.

David Andrews is a man caught in a game he does not fully understand. He tries to make the best of a bad situation, but he is no match for some of the misguided and mean-spirited individuals he encounters. David ultimately realizes that connecting with the board and its chairman will bring triumph over chaos.

Though a work of fiction, The Board Game is filled with real-life scenarios and practical tools to help you guide your school or nonprofit organization to the next level. Through his rich experience and keen insights, Bill Mott will help you…

  • Discover tools and skills to meet ongoing challenges working with a volunteer board.
  • Develop the single most important relationship needed for organizational success.
  • Identify which board members have the best interest of the organization at heart.
  • Recognize the true leaders on the board who possess the skills to advance the organization.

The Board Game is a must read for both the experienced, as well hopeful, head of school, and it ought to be a part of every board of trust orientation”

– KEN CHEESEMAN  |  Head of School for St. Paul Christian Academy (Nashville, TN)

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